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  • Hey HomeGirls

    Is purpose calling but distractions of life standing in your way? Is stress, overwhelm, toxic relationships, and poor communication a problem for you? Do you need tools to dig yourself out?

    Hi, I’m Dr. Antionette Brookins your new boundaries bestie and Christian Empowerment Strategist.

    Here at HolyGhost HomeGirls Academy, I have designed many wonderful strategy-rich lessons, packages, and 1:1 strategy sessions to help you reach your emotional and spiritual goals. These lessons are designed for the busy on-the-go woman and created by me, a licensed mental health professional and senior pastor’s wife. Each lesson is specifically designed to train, equip, and encourage today’s Christian woman with the resources necessary to master the mindset and walk-in Christian authority using relevant and practical  ‘Christian Coping Skills’.


    Dr. Antionette D. Brookins affectionately known as “Lady Nett” is a pastor’s wife, licensed mental health professional, The sole owner and operator of a psychotherapy practice Antionette Brookins & Associates, and the founder of the HolyGhost HomeGirls and the HolyGhost HomeGirls Academy which offers Biblically based social and emotional resources and enrichment courses for Christian women and an annual conference All Shade of Beautiful which brings over 100 Christian women together to celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity in God’s Kingdom.

    With double doctorate degrees in Christian psychology and general psychology, Lady Nett uses her education and life experiences to conduct phenomenological research and develop coursework and in-person conferences to help the women of God push past trials, break down the walls of depression, challenge anxiety, and face the struggles that oppress them. Through her endeavors, women have found new excitement and the courage to stand on the word of God and operate in Christian authority as the Lord intended.

    Lady Nett describes herself as an ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart for God’s people. This is because she understands firsthand how trials and bad choices can upset our lives and can leave women hiding in shame. But she has also experienced the grace of the Father who has lovingly taught her to use every bad choice and every condemning look of judgment to set this sin-sick world on fire by igniting and equipping every blood-bought woman of God to “GO FOR IT!” and chase her purpose, even amid the pain.

    Sis, don’t waste another moment trying to figure things out on your own. I have helped hundreds of Christian women, and I can help you too.

    About Dr. Antionette Brookins

    Dr. Antionette Brookins here, founder of the HolyGhost HomeGirls. First, just a little info about me. I am a Pastor’s Wife, Licensed Psychotherapist with PhDs in Christian and General Psychology.

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