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  • HolyGhost HomeGirls Academy

    HolyGhost HomeGirls Academy

    Hey Sister! Let’s Get Growing!

    HolyGhost HomeGirls Academy offers a series of —go at your own pace Christian Enrichment course written by me, a licensed mental health professional and senior pastor’s wife.

    Every strategy-rich course has been designed with Christian women in mind, to tackle issues we face today. After 20 years of working with Christain women, I’ve picked up valuable tools along the way. Tools I have dropped into every course, to train, equip, and encourage today’s Christian woman.  These resources will help you PIVOT,  master the mindset, and walk-in Christian authority. So, let’s get growing into the powerful woman of God you are meant to be!

    I Have Helped Hundreds of Christain Women, and I Can Help You Too