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    Sisters—Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?


    You know— remain in tired, toxic relationships! Settle for bad friends that hijack our peace, raise our blood pressure, throw off our sleep pattern, cause our hair to thin and our hips to spread!  Or if you are anything like me, your backside disappears while random zits parade across your T-zone Seriously? I’m a whole adult!


    Girl, not to mention—the one last GOOD nerve we had on reserve has jumped shipped! We’ve been to countless women’s groups, peace retreats, and conferences, and if we say one more tired affirmation all H-E double hockey sticks is going to break loose. Because you still live in lack.

    The Areas That Mean the ABSOLUTE Most Are Hanging By a Thread

    Like, your relationships your emotions, and your ministry! You’re burned out, stressed out, and tapped out!!

    Sis! It’s time to take a leap of faith and begin to take control of your thoughts, with a new mindset according to (Romans 12:2)


    Because The Truth of the Matter is

    • When you feel better about yourself
    • Operate with a transformed mindset
    • Manage your emotions
    • Operate in Christian authority
    • THEN you are able to serve, love, and operate in purpose, God’s purpose for your life

    YEP!! You have more — happier, healthier, better fulfilled days. Only then can you make better decisions, and your smile makes a regular appearance because you authentically LOVE the life you live.



    Hey Sis!! Dr. Brookins, Here Can I talk to YOU?

    I want you to know you are amazing! Although you may not always feel that way. We’ve all been there so make sure you keep reading!!

    You…daughter of the Almighty are a force to be reckoned with!! Don’t believe it, just stay with me…You’ll see!!

    Trust me!! I know all about this stuff, I have worked with hundreds of women, earned Ph.Ds.’  in Christian and general Psychology, and gained TONS of lived experience to prove it!! (Far more than I care to admit LOL) No really…My back story, which is my journey from hurt to healing laid the foundation for the amazing life that I live and equipped and QUALIFIED me for the beautiful women that I serve!!

    And although I kicked and screamed a bit it… My past PUSHED ME INTO MY PURPOSE. That is, to help my Kingdom sisters walk in their power, purpose, and Christian authority and love it!

    So, for that I am grateful because he trusted me enough, an EX mean girl– to go through the fire and come out like Gold!!

    This also means that I straight up⎯ SHOW UP for Y-O-U!! Cause if he could reform, refine, and POLISH this girl from the Westside of Fresno, he will CERTAINLY do it for you!!!

    Because there is purpose for YOU, too.

    So How Do You Walk in Authority and Purpose?

    I’m glad you asked. It begins with understanding what it REALLY means to walk in abundance:  Living a life that shines, means that you understand 

    •  There is no authentic joy, peace, or purpose outside of God
    • You, yes YOU with your imperfect life were destined to leave your mark on this world
    •  Healed has a behavior attached to it. And if you aren’t walking in healed BEHAVIORS…you will ALWAYS be stuck. It’s a mindset thing, Sis.

    People Once Believed Giving Your Life to Jesus Was All You Needed to Live a Healed Life

    Girl, I wish that were true. But NOPE!! HomeGirl…Just like all the important areas in this life, THIS TOO requires SKILL!! Not having the tools to manage our emotions leaves Christian women feeling defeated, broken, powerless; and for some, depressed, and anxious. Good thing you found me. I’m happy to help.

    In your heart, you know brokenness is NOT God’s plan for your life

    And because you are still reading, I know this is not what you want either and things must change. You have been praying for that JOY, that Peace, that FREEDOM, about pursuing your purpose.

    You Want To

    Believe the affirmations that you recite and you want your life, your relationships, and EVERYone, and EVERYthing attached to you to feel the overflowing effects of God’s favor on your life.

    Click  here and schedule your 1:1 sessions today or head over to HolyGhost HomeGirls Academy and begin learning on your own, today. Either way, you’ll be glad you did. See you inside, HomeGirl♥